oil to fuel

Earn Top Dollar for Your Used Cooking Oil!
Joining the green movement has never been so lucrative.

Genuine Bio-Fuel Inc. pays TOP DOLLAR for your used cooking oil and turns it into clean, renewable, non-toxic biodiesel fuel.

With our Used Cooking Oil to Fuel Program, Genuine Bio-Fuel supplies your restaurant with sealable, durable, clean containers for oil collection. Helpful and courteous representatives will work with you to schedule regular pickups and send you a check every quarter for your used cooking oil.

Plus our state-of-the-art equipment and friendly professional service ensures smooth collections when it’s most convenient for you. Participating restaurants also receive FREE online advertising on this site. Contact us today for more details.

Free the U.S.A. from Dependency on Foreign Oil byRefining Your Used Cooking Oil into Biodiesel Fuel